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the corner

This past weekend I was able to spend some time with my girl.  She apparently missed me too & decided to stay with me in the hotel Saturday night.  She has only been gone since mid August but she has changed.  She is responsible for herself now, being off at college and it is pretty… Continue reading the corner

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My girl

She is everything She is amazing Sassy & witty Sensitive & emotional Full of confidence Full of fear masked in indifference On the cusp of going out on her own Excited for the future yet hesitant to leave the familiar Smart, so much smarter than she is even aware of The softest heart hidden behind… Continue reading My girl

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The greatest lesson we forget to teach

Parents are actually human beings too Seems silly at first but it’s actually really profound (If I do say so myself) Think about it for a moment. Why would they think of us that way? We have them and we are totally responsible for everything in their lives We feed them, clothe them, take care… Continue reading The greatest lesson we forget to teach

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it’s a glamorous life…….

Staring at a blank page Hoping for inspiration to strike Funny how sometimes there are a million things I want to say or strike me as funny And other times, nothing seems right While there are always things to write and share, this morning it all just feels off I am still grateful but preoccupied,… Continue reading it’s a glamorous life…….

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good & bye ?

Goodbye –         used to express an acknowledgement of parting –          An act of parting or leave taking We use the words together all the time.  Good & bye but do we really think about it? Probably not very often.   It is used so much, and often it is meant to be a temporary marking of… Continue reading good & bye ?

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spring ahead……

So here we go again, spring ahead & fall back I started thinking about it since this change requires me to do something on every clock in my house. I have always been a fan of fall back, since I am the co-chair of ‘more sleep is always a good thing’ movement.  Gaining an hour… Continue reading spring ahead……

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let go of what you can’t control & beat the rest into submission

I was driving with my mother many years ago in her blue Chevy Citation (look it up).  We were driving home from the mall in the evening.  As she was driving, a light came on in the car.  I have no idea what light it was, but it was a warning of some sort.  My… Continue reading let go of what you can’t control & beat the rest into submission