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role reversal

Another post I don’t know how to begin. Last Tuesday I received a call that my father was in the hospital.  There are 4 siblings scattered across the country so the calls began.  Another call came in at 4pm which motivated us all even faster. My brother made it to the hospital around midnight, his… Continue reading role reversal

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the corner

This past weekend I was able to spend some time with my girl.  She apparently missed me too & decided to stay with me in the hotel Saturday night.  She has only been gone since mid August but she has changed.  She is responsible for herself now, being off at college and it is pretty… Continue reading the corner

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What we know is that we are always making transitions in our lives, sometimes they happen almost unnoticed while other times they basically hit you over the head. My whole life in the last few years has been a huge transition with little ones sprinkled in.  Virtually everything in my life has changed.  So many… Continue reading transitions

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My girl

She is everything She is amazing Sassy & witty Sensitive & emotional Full of confidence Full of fear masked in indifference On the cusp of going out on her own Excited for the future yet hesitant to leave the familiar Smart, so much smarter than she is even aware of The softest heart hidden behind… Continue reading My girl

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The greatest lesson we forget to teach

Parents are actually human beings too Seems silly at first but it’s actually really profound (If I do say so myself) Think about it for a moment. Why would they think of us that way? We have them and we are totally responsible for everything in their lives We feed them, clothe them, take care… Continue reading The greatest lesson we forget to teach

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the ‘joys’ of motherhood…..part 1 of the rest of my life…..

Here is some of the fine print you never see… –          At the beginning of this journey you don’t sleep because they don’t sleep You may get a little time in the middle when your kids actually start sleeping but no worries, sleep will elude you again soon, when they decide to do things at… Continue reading the ‘joys’ of motherhood…..part 1 of the rest of my life…..

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No worries Mother of the Year, my plaque has been on back order for 15 years…

So I had a good day.  Among other things, I get a text message from my 10th grader (who is not supposed to text in school) to tell me she rocked her report card. Awesome and butt saving since she appears never to have homework so I threaten her (like any good mother will) that… Continue reading No worries Mother of the Year, my plaque has been on back order for 15 years…