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I’m moving

in about 4 years. I am a list maker.  I make lists for everyday things & some longer term things as well.  I was never the person though who created 5 year plans or have very specific things that they felt they need to accomplish by a certain age or number of years. I have… Continue reading I’m moving

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Well Hello again… I needed a break so I took one but learned something that is helping me so I thought I would share it, perhaps it might help someone else as well. We have all of these wonderful inspirational quotes about moving on, moving forward, not looking back but ahead.  When you are not… Continue reading Chapters

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Assignment: Receive

I am struggling with having so much I want to say but, they are fragments & pieces of my journey, none seem ready for the light. I have had so many realizations in the last two weeks.  Generally, I am actually proud of myself for my willingness to ‘see’ what I do, to ‘identify’ my… Continue reading Assignment: Receive

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Show me a sign…..

When we aren’t peaceful, when we are struggling, we often hope & pray for a ‘sign’. We want a blinking billboard pointing in the right direction, we want a detailed map offering the ‘answer’ we are searching for. Signs are really everywhere and deep down we know it.  Some are small and often overlooked, some… Continue reading Show me a sign…..

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1 step forward…..2 steps back

I have decided to embrace the saying ‘1 step forward, 2 steps back’. Hang with me for a second. Normally, I would equate that phrase as a negative. The attempt to ‘move forward’ but inevitably feeling defeated, realizing or deciding that I really am moving backwards. I am making a shift in my thinking. Perusing… Continue reading 1 step forward…..2 steps back

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Identity crisis

So the older we get, the more we learn, the more we search, the more we examine the difference between the things we always believed to be true and those things that we personally decide are true.  The ability to identify does not eliminate the belief, it just hopefully gives you the tools to deal… Continue reading Identity crisis

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I enjoy quiet, usually….

I remember when the kids were little, praying for ‘peace & quiet’ in a whirl of loud children’s voices I have experienced some really beautiful things in quiet times.  When you have the ability to just be, without interruption, it can be a life changing experience. Since there appears to always be two sides of… Continue reading I enjoy quiet, usually….