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The people who hurt me the most…..

So I was watching Super Soul Sunday with Shirley MacLaine. Oprah asked her (paraphrasing potentially)….. …Who were your greatest spiritual teachers………. Answer: ┬áThe people who hurt me the most Yes, please take a moment & absorb that, I needed to. After instant replaying the reply in my head, I realized that she had something there.… Continue reading The people who hurt me the most…..

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Show me a sign…..

When we aren’t peaceful, when we are struggling, we often hope & pray for a ‘sign’. We want a blinking billboard pointing in the right direction, we want a detailed map offering the ‘answer’ we are searching for. Signs are really everywhere and deep down we know it. ┬áSome are small and often overlooked, some… Continue reading Show me a sign…..