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which mother…..

Which mother actually purchased an additional calendar this year to keep track of all of the crazy this band life & college child has created? Which mother printed out the schedules, updates, emails & has been trying to keep everything a little bit organized, making sure she is updating any changes and additions? Which mother… Continue reading which mother…..

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the corner

This past weekend I was able to spend some time with my girl.  She apparently missed me too & decided to stay with me in the hotel Saturday night.  She has only been gone since mid August but she has changed.  She is responsible for herself now, being off at college and it is pretty… Continue reading the corner

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Something to consider…..

What is more important than – having someone tell you how proud of you they are? – having someone support & encourage you? – having someone be your cheerleader? – having someone show you grace? – having someone forgive you? What is much more important than those wonderful things… – learning how to be proud… Continue reading Something to consider…..

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Did you look at the title of this blog & think that she is just jumping on the ‘thought of the day’ bandwagon?  Did you think, even for a minute ‘Great, someone else spouting more feel good mumbo jumbo?’  Well, that is the way I felt for a long time. Where your head, heart &… Continue reading Gratitude

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So I mentioned in my post ‘happy’ music is a part of me.  So much a part of me, I haven’t been listening to it because it impacts me emotionally. Took my daughter shopping…. On the way there we started with… ‘Happy’ then……..Clarity…… ‘If our love is tragedy, why are you my remedy…If our love’s… Continue reading Music

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So after cold & rainy weather, South Carolina is finally scheduled for some nice warm weather for the next few days.  For those of you still staring outside at mounds of un-melted snow, hang in there! I woke up this morning, spent some quality butt on couch time with my coffee mug, made a short… Continue reading Happy

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What are you proud of?

Not for or about other people, for yourself. Not as easy for most people as you might think.  If I let you, chances are you could give me without great effort things other people have done that you may have told them ‘I’m proud of you’ or ‘great job’ etc. It’s a question I have… Continue reading What are you proud of?

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All it takes is a dead mouse…..

While I like to consider myself computer literate, I also am a creature of habit. Years ago, when I made the switch from a desktop to a laptop, I owned the biggest laptop around because I still wanted the numbers on the right side not just up top where I never learned to use them.… Continue reading All it takes is a dead mouse…..

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Window Shopping…..

Until recently, I was not someone who enjoyed window shopping.  I am usually an instant gratification kinda girl so window shopping is like decaf or non-alcoholic beer, useless and mean.  I never wanted to stare longingly at things I couldn’t afford or had no space for.  I never saw the benefit to torturing myself like… Continue reading Window Shopping…..