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Note to self

As the weather turns nicer & you bask in the ability to put your capri yoga pants back on please take note of the following: You haven’t worked out since November Random squats, an occasional plank, 50 high knees & some plié squats does not a work out make. Especially when they are not done… Continue reading Note to self

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Take me back…

I have a dilemma & a confession One of the things I have come to know In the grand scheme of things, most people do not care what I think.  No camera crew is staked out at my house waiting for me to let the world know my thoughts or feelings.  My phone is not… Continue reading Take me back…

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Tough Love

It is time for an intervention. My poor blog post that was ready to go has been demoted because apparently I need to tell you something. I will admit that I have been up since 4:30am & have spent 3 of those hours driving. Based on both of these factors, I decided that this blog… Continue reading Tough Love

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How did I forget to title this? Oops!

So today I was given an assignment to celebrate. I made a big step forward and committed to working with a life coach. I decided that no matter how scary dealing with your self can be, it was time to dig in & do the rest of the work. That decision deserved to be celebrated.… Continue reading How did I forget to title this? Oops!

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Damn you Powerball

My pretty intelligent mind knows the odds but, like millions of other people, I fell into your trap again.  Do I need that much money?  Of course not.  Do visions appear of things I could do, of places I could go?  Pretty much….sucked in! Before falling asleep, I rewrote my mental list of all of the wonderful… Continue reading Damn you Powerball

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Spoiler alert….

I love spoilers Television, movies, books..everything pic link…. Doesn’t matter to me It can be a spoiler for a movie I have no intention of ever watching, I still want to know. It can be reading the end of a book or finding out ‘important’ information on a show before I watch. Why? I hate… Continue reading Spoiler alert….

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All it takes is a dead mouse…..

While I like to consider myself computer literate, I also am a creature of habit. Years ago, when I made the switch from a desktop to a laptop, I owned the biggest laptop around because I still wanted the numbers on the right side not just up top where I never learned to use them.… Continue reading All it takes is a dead mouse…..