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there is always something to learn

Sometimes you need to observe someone else struggling in order to see your own. I have written before about my struggle with control.  From seemingly insignificant things like the way a book is going to end or searching for spoilers to see if I want to see a movie to the feelings I experienced after… Continue reading there is always something to learn

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is it me?

The other theme song of my life lately……   Especially at work, not sure if it the seasonal changes or if everyone has just gone a little crazy but goodness, I feel like I should be sending this as my reply to half of the emails & questions I have received lately.   Now I… Continue reading is it me?

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What does it feel like?

I am going to try to stay true to how this experience felt but I know that no matter how hard I try, it will not convey how well the questions were actually asked or the calm, centered voice on the other end of the phone facilitating the exercise. Look at a time in the… Continue reading What does it feel like?

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Show me a sign…..

When we aren’t peaceful, when we are struggling, we often hope & pray for a ‘sign’. We want a blinking billboard pointing in the right direction, we want a detailed map offering the ‘answer’ we are searching for. Signs are really everywhere and deep down we know it.  Some are small and often overlooked, some… Continue reading Show me a sign…..

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1 step forward…..2 steps back

I have decided to embrace the saying ‘1 step forward, 2 steps back’. Hang with me for a second. Normally, I would equate that phrase as a negative. The attempt to ‘move forward’ but inevitably feeling defeated, realizing or deciding that I really am moving backwards. I am making a shift in my thinking. Perusing… Continue reading 1 step forward…..2 steps back

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I enjoy quiet, usually….

I remember when the kids were little, praying for ‘peace & quiet’ in a whirl of loud children’s voices I have experienced some really beautiful things in quiet times.  When you have the ability to just be, without interruption, it can be a life changing experience. Since there appears to always be two sides of… Continue reading I enjoy quiet, usually….

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the ‘joys’ of motherhood…..part 1 of the rest of my life…..

Here is some of the fine print you never see… –          At the beginning of this journey you don’t sleep because they don’t sleep You may get a little time in the middle when your kids actually start sleeping but no worries, sleep will elude you again soon, when they decide to do things at… Continue reading the ‘joys’ of motherhood…..part 1 of the rest of my life…..