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life lessons

So it’s been a while since my last post and if you read it, you are aware why. When you are not directly impacted by a loss, you feel badly for others but your life continues relatively normally. The struggle for those who find themselves drowning in the grieving process is that they don’t have… Continue reading life lessons

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So I decided to give dating a shot again. Such a strange world to be a part of.  On Friday night I met a man for dinner. We had a nice time, often commiserating on the ‘joys’ of dating.  One of the things he mentioned was logistics.  One story was about someone he dated for… Continue reading reflection

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I’m moving

in about 4 years. I am a list maker.  I make lists for everyday things & some longer term things as well.  I was never the person though who created 5 year plans or have very specific things that they felt they need to accomplish by a certain age or number of years. I have… Continue reading I’m moving

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Grief is obviously a byproduct of loss. Loss by death or loss by an ending. There are volumes of writings & thoughts on the death of a loved one.  I lost my mother almost 18 years ago.  I know about mourning death and as the anniversary of this life altering loss is almost here, I… Continue reading grief

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the corner

This past weekend I was able to spend some time with my girl.  She apparently missed me too & decided to stay with me in the hotel Saturday night.  She has only been gone since mid August but she has changed.  She is responsible for herself now, being off at college and it is pretty… Continue reading the corner

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What we know is that we are always making transitions in our lives, sometimes they happen almost unnoticed while other times they basically hit you over the head. My whole life in the last few years has been a huge transition with little ones sprinkled in.  Virtually everything in my life has changed.  So many… Continue reading transitions

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Well Hello again… I needed a break so I took one but learned something that is helping me so I thought I would share it, perhaps it might help someone else as well. We have all of these wonderful inspirational quotes about moving on, moving forward, not looking back but ahead.  When you are not… Continue reading Chapters

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What is your language

A few years ago I purchased the book ‘The 5 Love Languages’ which had been recommended to me. I will be honest because that is what I try to do here.  I read the book & could not figure out what my love language was.  When you are at a place in your life where… Continue reading What is your language

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The people who hurt me the most…..

So I was watching Super Soul Sunday with Shirley MacLaine. Oprah asked her (paraphrasing potentially)….. …Who were your greatest spiritual teachers………. Answer:  The people who hurt me the most Yes, please take a moment & absorb that, I needed to. After instant replaying the reply in my head, I realized that she had something there.… Continue reading The people who hurt me the most…..

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yeah, that….

So you know when you are struggling to figure out if you are still dealing with the loss of your last relationship or just flat afraid to ‘get out there’ and start again? Your gut whispers to you…..’both’ When you know that although you are really doing better, you are focusing on the good, working… Continue reading yeah, that….