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which mother…..

Which mother actually purchased an additional calendar this year to keep track of all of the crazy this band life & college child has created? Which mother printed out the schedules, updates, emails & has been trying to keep everything a little bit organized, making sure she is updating any changes and additions? Which mother… Continue reading which mother…..

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ever push the wrong button?

So last night I was working on my blog post for today. As the queen of editing my posts I hit save often. I remember thinking, ‘just don’t hit publish’ literally a few minutes before the inevitable moment I did exactly that.  After a moment of disbelief, I just went with it. Hence the 2… Continue reading ever push the wrong button?

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Window Shopping…..

Until recently, I was not someone who enjoyed window shopping.  I am usually an instant gratification kinda girl so window shopping is like decaf or non-alcoholic beer, useless and mean.  I never wanted to stare longingly at things I couldn’t afford or had no space for.  I never saw the benefit to torturing myself like… Continue reading Window Shopping…..