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I have a confession to make……. While I love fall I would appear to be one of the few humans who are willing to admit that I am not a fan of this pumpkin craze that has overtaken our society in the last few years. I also don’t care at all about Halloween, but I… Continue reading herecy

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the corner

This past weekend I was able to spend some time with my girl.  She apparently missed me too & decided to stay with me in the hotel Saturday night.  She has only been gone since mid August but she has changed.  She is responsible for herself now, being off at college and it is pretty… Continue reading the corner

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Did you look at the title of this blog & think that she is just jumping on the ‘thought of the day’ bandwagon?  Did you think, even for a minute ‘Great, someone else spouting more feel good mumbo jumbo?’  Well, that is the way I felt for a long time. Where your head, heart &… Continue reading Gratitude

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Anyone with a lot of extra time on their hands can look through my published blogs and notice a trend.  I post for a while and then I stop.  When I decide it is time to come back to blogging, something inside me changes.  I tend to observe better, I think of how what I… Continue reading Journaling

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Facebook is a daily test for me

  Q:  Am I going to roll my eyes at someone’s status today? A:  of course I am Q:  Am I going to be envious? A:  sure thing Q:  Am I going to ask myself why people like their own status updates, every time they post one? A:  uh huh Q:  Am I going to… Continue reading Facebook is a daily test for me

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The greatest lesson we forget to teach

Parents are actually human beings too Seems silly at first but it’s actually really profound (If I do say so myself) Think about it for a moment. Why would they think of us that way? We have them and we are totally responsible for everything in their lives We feed them, clothe them, take care… Continue reading The greatest lesson we forget to teach

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When I was young there were two places outside of my own house where I saw my extended family, the ‘city’ & the ‘shore’ That tells you a few things, I grew up outside of the ‘city’ and I grew up in New Jersey (a well-known fact that only people from NJ call the beach… Continue reading beach…..