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which mother…..

Which mother actually purchased an additional calendar this year to keep track of all of the crazy this band life & college child has created? Which mother printed out the schedules, updates, emails & has been trying to keep everything a little bit organized, making sure she is updating any changes and additions? Which mother… Continue reading which mother…..

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When things don’t go according to plan

I am thinking that this might actually be my theme song…. In the past few weeks, one of my crazy canine’s has been whining somewhere in the 5am hour most mornings.  It’s not really enjoyable & certainly disrupts any sleep pattern one was attempting to have. Said canine is 11 years old.  He is not… Continue reading When things don’t go according to plan

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The bra

Why yes, I have decided to go there today. I have a love/hate relationship with these contraptions. I believe that as this post develops, I am going to realize there is probably more hate going on than love but I have surprised myself before. First, I feel I should begin with the obvious, Why? Why… Continue reading The bra

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So after cold & rainy weather, South Carolina is finally scheduled for some nice warm weather for the next few days.  For those of you still staring outside at mounds of un-melted snow, hang in there! I woke up this morning, spent some quality butt on couch time with my coffee mug, made a short… Continue reading Happy

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My girl

She is everything She is amazing Sassy & witty Sensitive & emotional Full of confidence Full of fear masked in indifference On the cusp of going out on her own Excited for the future yet hesitant to leave the familiar Smart, so much smarter than she is even aware of The softest heart hidden behind… Continue reading My girl

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What does it feel like?

I am going to try to stay true to how this experience felt but I know that no matter how hard I try, it will not convey how well the questions were actually asked or the calm, centered voice on the other end of the phone facilitating the exercise. Look at a time in the… Continue reading What does it feel like?

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Window Shopping…..

Until recently, I was not someone who enjoyed window shopping.  I am usually an instant gratification kinda girl so window shopping is like decaf or non-alcoholic beer, useless and mean.  I never wanted to stare longingly at things I couldn’t afford or had no space for.  I never saw the benefit to torturing myself like… Continue reading Window Shopping…..