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Am I an orphan now?

On Tuesday, July 21st at around 11:20 am, I held my father’s hand as he died. Tomorrow is the memorial service. I really don’t have a lot to say yet, I’m sure more will come in time. What I do know is that I don’t have any living parents anymore. I have joined the club… Continue reading Am I an orphan now?

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role reversal

Another post I don’t know how to begin. Last Tuesday I received a call that my father was in the hospital.  There are 4 siblings scattered across the country so the calls began.  Another call came in at 4pm which motivated us all even faster. My brother made it to the hospital around midnight, his… Continue reading role reversal

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What does it feel like?

I am going to try to stay true to how this experience felt but I know that no matter how hard I try, it will not convey how well the questions were actually asked or the calm, centered voice on the other end of the phone facilitating the exercise. Look at a time in the… Continue reading What does it feel like?

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Identity crisis

So the older we get, the more we learn, the more we search, the more we examine the difference between the things we always believed to be true and those things that we personally decide are true.  The ability to identify does not eliminate the belief, it just hopefully gives you the tools to deal… Continue reading Identity crisis

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Ready or not

So today is the day.  Many moons ago, in a hospital in NYC at 11:45 pm a couple became a family. I am generally ambivalent about my birthday.  As you can see from another post I have ‘aging’ issues that I am working on ‘getting over’ but as with most things in my life, it’s… Continue reading Ready or not

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Resistance is futile…

Trying to determine when this is true can be more difficult to determine than one might think. Should you be a ‘sheep’ and just follow blindly?  Probably not.. Should you surrender to things that you can’t control?  Probably Is it easy to clearly see the difference?  Not always The specific running through my mind this… Continue reading Resistance is futile…

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The greatest lesson we forget to teach

Parents are actually human beings too Seems silly at first but it’s actually really profound (If I do say so myself) Think about it for a moment. Why would they think of us that way? We have them and we are totally responsible for everything in their lives We feed them, clothe them, take care… Continue reading The greatest lesson we forget to teach

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When I was young there were two places outside of my own house where I saw my extended family, the ‘city’ & the ‘shore’ That tells you a few things, I grew up outside of the ‘city’ and I grew up in New Jersey (a well-known fact that only people from NJ call the beach… Continue reading beach…..

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I’ve got one……how bout you?

I have a fear of heights I mean I hate spiders too but I don’t think that I would qualify to have the phobia I don’t know why or exactly what happened to cause this fear but I do know I fell down the basement stairs & fell off a bunk bed ladder back when… Continue reading I’ve got one……how bout you?

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the ‘joys’ of motherhood…..part 1 of the rest of my life…..

Here is some of the fine print you never see… –          At the beginning of this journey you don’t sleep because they don’t sleep You may get a little time in the middle when your kids actually start sleeping but no worries, sleep will elude you again soon, when they decide to do things at… Continue reading the ‘joys’ of motherhood…..part 1 of the rest of my life…..