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Saturday thought….

One of the things I have come to realized (slowly) is one of the ways we make our own lives harder.

Most of us know that people don’t come into our lives by accident, they appear for a reason.  Usually as an opportunity for us to learn something about ourselves.

What I finally realized (I hope) is we often cast people who enter our lives into the roles we want them to fill.  The inherent problem with this is that we tend to forget we are not the casting director in this life which often lead to a problem.

We focus on the role we want them to have instead of letting them fill the role they were actually meant to play.

Some people stay with us for a long time, others are there for a very specific and important purpose.  Their roles seem to be smaller in the timeline of your story but often they appear to teach us something very important.

I won’t say it feels fair, or doesn’t bring sadness and sometimes heartbreak when we realized they were there to help us learn instead of to walk with us, but if we have the courage to let each person be who they were meant to be for us, they will always, without question teach us something very valuable.

I am walking into my future profoundly grateful for the people who entered my life and helped me learn sometimes hard but incredibly important lessons about myself.  Your presence in my story was vital to my growth & my journey.

Have courage, have faith, & always be willing to learn ♥

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