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So there I was at the airport in Mexico looking around for some lighter reading for the trip home.  I took Immortal Diamond with me but determined that I really wanted some fluff to read on the way back.

I found a plethora of spanish magazines which were going to be of no assistance to me so I shifted to the book section.  In my mind, a romance novel or light fiction was my goal, a book I could devour quickly without the necessity of understanding the message.

So here is the thing, sometimes it matters very little what you think you want, God or the universe or whatever your belief system is, often provides you with what you actually need.

My eyes found a book by Paulo Coelho  (yes the author of The Alchemist…& if you still haven’t read it, just go get it already) called Brida.  A story about a young woman & magic.  When I picked it up, I was aware that there was going to be a message in the book but once in my hands, I knew I was going to buy it.

I read the book, probably half from Mexico to Dallas and finished it on the 2nd flight just before our final descent.

So here is the thing, or the things

I was pulling for a different ending to the story.  Among the magic within the story was a lesson about soul mates.  This was not a romance novel with a predictable end, this was a story with a message that I really wasn’t interested in reading.

I am going to divert for a second, when I finished the book, the flight was almost over, so I was re-configuring myself & my stuff.  I put the book either in my lap or on the empty (yes empty) seat between my brother & I.  The book disappeared, I literally couldn’t find it.  I looked on the seats, the floor, the backpack, the seat pocket where my water bottle was being squished. It was so strange that I could not find the book I had just had in my hands but honestly, no matter where I looked, it was gone.

The reason I share the disappearance is because what I write next is going to based solely on my memory, there is going to be no actual reference to the words written but what I got from it.  I just wanted to clarify that any inaccuracies are as usual, mine.

So amidst the past lives, magic and witches that wove through the story, was the idea of soul mates. A character recognized their soul mate and was trying to wait patiently for them to have the same recognition.  Wait for it, from a romance novel, happily ever after fairy tale perspective, things didn’t end well.

The lesson learned was that this man’s soul mate was not meant to walk with him (at least at that time) but was there to teach him how to love again.  It was the gift of knowing love, of feeling love, that he received from her, not the joining of two people on a journey together into the future.  There was talk about sometimes in a lifetime a person actually has more than one soul mate too.

So once again, I find that there are no accidents. That book was where I needed it to be, when I needed to find it.  I am grateful that I have enough awareness these days to see that there are no coincidences.  If I am open to the messages and lessons that are around me, if I find the courage to continue making baby steps forward, if I stop getting in my own way, everything is not only going to be ok, it is going to be better than I could have ever imagined.

Have faith ♥

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