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when you borrow a concept

Although I was born into Catholicism, I was not raised Catholic.  It logically follows that I have never really followed the concept of Lent.  This year, I noticed a lot of people who also are not Catholic, borrowing from the tradition & re-imagining it.

I am not a big fan of giving things up.  Although I know I have a plethora of bad habits, I am rather hesitant to say good-bye to them.

What did catch my eye though was the 40 bags in 40 days challenge.  You can probably guess what that means, you go through your stuff & fill a bag everyday for 40 days.  Things that can be donated, sold, or just need to be thrown out.

I thought for a moment to make it 40 bags from my closet or 40 bags in 1 day but decided that as sure as I am I could accomplish both of these, the concept and the expectation of only 1 bag per day would serve multiple purposes.

A new habit is created somewhere between 21 & 30 days (depending on who you ask) & since I recognize when I start something I have a tendency to be all in or on the couch, I decided to try to pace myself.

Day 1 – Kitchen Bag – I have a lot of stuff that I have never used.  I was going to sell them but I realized I don’t have the patience to take pictures, post, message & haggle for $5. (I might be a little lazy & don’t misunderstand, I would enjoy the cash but I have come to realize those groups seem to be more effort than they are worth for me).

Day 2 – Master Closet – I will add a little justification here, my master closet is honestly and truly rather enormous.  With that being said, it is a hot disastrous mess full of who knows what.  This is not a 1 day effort, it might not even be a 1 day effort with assistance (which I don’t want either because only God knows what one might find when attempting to excavate this small city).  I started with clothes that were nice, work type clothes that I have not worn and will most likely not be wearing anytime soon.

Day 3 – Big bag of Lazy….ok this appears not to be working as intended…..

Day 4 – Grabbed 2 bags and headed back into the closet.  1 box of shoes in really great condition, 1 box full of empty shoe boxes, 1 bag of garbage, 1 bag of misc. clothes & 1 bag of things belonging to someone who does not live here.  I also enlisted man child to go through the books he has in his room & to see what he wanted to donate as well.

In an effort not to just morph my stuff into another room full of bags, I am trying to be very intentional in my approach.  I am being very specific with what gets bagged together and am researching non-profit organizations in my area and what types of donations they accept.

So this challenge is two-fold for me.  Trying to actually complete the challenge & actually putting all the stuff into my car and donating all of the stuff that can be better used by someone else.

Wish me luck….if I don’t post for a while, send a search party because I am lost in my closet….

Do you observe lent?  Did you give something up?  Care to share?

photo (20)

New cluttered area (minus the books)

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