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Pot meet kettle

So we all have those people, those people who drive us bat sh** crazy.  In ‘real’ life, on social media, on television, doesn’t matter…they seem to have been placed on this earth to single-handedly drive us bananas.

You have these people running through your head right now don’t you?  You are welcome 🙂  Of course you do, because they are everywhere.

The person who seriously complains about every single thing in their lives

The people you see that make you wonder if they own a mirror

The person who portrays their life in a way that is not even remotely possible

The person who…..well, it really doesn’t matter, you can fill in your own here because they are everywhere.

Really anyone who triggers your judge & jury personality to emerge.

Well, you know the real question that should be asked right?  No, not the comments you mutter under your breath, no not the response you are dying to write on their post or blog or twitter or anything else.

The question you really need to be asking is ‘Why does it bother me’

Well, here is the ugly truth – we tend to judge the things that bother us most or we are most insecure about – even when we don’t realize, recognize or admit it.

Here is an example of what I mean.

I often see a lot of pleading on social media to God to provide or change something(s) in their lives. Nothing wrong with that except, often it ‘appears’ that the people pleading are doing nothing themselves to help facilitate any change in their circumstance.  It seems that they are just looking for the miracle without having to put forth any effort besides pleading. They need a better job, they want a partner, they need money, they have a cold or a headache or whatever is currently not working for them.

Why does it drive me bonkers?  Well, I usually want to ask ‘what are you doing to make it better or to change your own situation?’  or the incredibly supportive ‘stop complaining about it and do something’

Ok. looks like I missed my own point….time to rephrase the question…why does it bother me?

Well because I realized I am doing the same thing.  I would like very much to win the lottery, I would like to meet the right person, I would like to be less frustrated in my career, I would like…….

So, you may think…..’what are you doing to make it better or to change your own situation?’

The same exact thing they are doing just not publicly.  I am praying for miracles that I don’t want to have to put effort into.  I am using faith and prayer as some kind of trump card.

Do I believe in miracles? Yes I do.  Do I believe that God answers prayers?  Yes once again.  Do I believe that the universe is conspiring to help me achieve happiness and abundance?  I do.

Am I pretty sure that God would like me to get off my behind and act?  For sure

So what am I doing about it currently…..very little…..

Pot meet kettle

One thought on “Pot meet kettle

  1. The other day on FB, the daughter of a cop (who is training to be a cop herself) was bragging how she was going 90 on the interstate and only had to flash her PBA card to get out of it. She called it her 20th warning. It angered me – not because she got out of it, but because she obviously feels no need to follow the rules because she has a pass. It’s that feeling of priveledge in the police community that makes me CRAZY.

    I soooooo wanted to call her on it, but she would have had a HUGE attitude. So I let it slide.

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