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I believe…

I believe in God & I believe in prayer

I  believe in love, compassion, kindness, gratitude and forgiveness

I believe in grace, hope and faith

I believe in vulnerability, courage, passion, laughter and the power of tears

I believe that until you can learn to love and accept yourself you will never sustain real love

I believe the path of least resistance is littered with regrets

I believe that recognition is learning

I believe that learning how to really listen is a quality very few actually possess

I believe that the more open you are to other people’s thoughts and experiences, the more enriched your own life becomes

I believe that failure is unavoidable and totally necessary to grow

I believe that you can not experience happiness and joy unless you have suffered through sadness and loss.  You can not fully know the good without having felt the bad.

I believe that ‘sorry’ is the most overused and misused word of all

I believe the quest for perfection is a fool’s quest

I believe only you have the ability to change your circumstance, people will be there to assist on your journey but only you can actually do the work required to change your perception and view

I believe there are questions we will never get answers to, no matter how desperately we yearn for them

I believe the quest for ‘normal’ is highly overrated

I believe that figuring out who you are, what your truth is and finding the bravery to live it is what leads to true happiness and contentment

I believe that we are miraculously flawed creatures and those imperfections are what make us unique and beautiful

I believe that every moment we have on this earth is an opportunity to start fresh


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