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the waiting game

The deadline for the graduate program I applied to was Feb 1st.  I actually had my pieces of the applications complete on the 20th of January.  Now I am in a holding pattern.

I was asked what my plan was if I don’t get accepted……….

Well, I realized I really didn’t have a plan b.

I made the decision to apply to only 1 graduate program for a few reasons.  I am not a solely online student.  I attempted 2 online classes and completed neither of them, I felt confused and not really a part of a class or community.  I will readily admit, this may have been due to not totally understanding the flow of an online class, but needless to say, it didn’t work for me.  There were other graduate programs at colleges ‘nearby’ but for a number of reasons, I chose to only apply to one.

In my mind, this program is the best fit for me & so I wound up basically putting all my eggs into 1 graduate basket.

I did my research and made my decision & then took the MAT test which allowed me to think perhaps I had a shot at this program.  At some point, in my head I decided this was the path I wanted to take so I hadn’t really planned for the ‘what if’ you don’t get in.

So the question forced me to think about it.  I am still thinking about exactly what I will do should I not get into a program but I’m glad the question came up now so I could craft a plan.

Don’t be afraid to ask yourself what your plan b is.  Had the question not been asked and I don’t get into the program, it would have sidelined me for a while. Now at least I am looking at other options and alternatives to allow me to reach my end goal even if it winds up not being the path I thought it was going to be.



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