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So, yesterday I walked into a little cubicle on a college campus & took my first standardized test in apparently 30 years.  Unless I am experiencing a memory gap, the last test like this were the SAT’s when I was a Junior in high school (maybe a senior but we will leave it at 30 years).

I was incredibly grateful that the people answering the phone in the graduate office mentioned that there was another option besides the GRE test called the MAT’s.  It was still very intimidating but so much less than what the GRE’s looked like.

So anyway, the MAT test actually gives you a non-official score as soon as you finish the test so you don’t have to wait weeks like some other tests.

I felt a certain amount of pressure because apparently when I was in college, a hundred years ago, it would seem that I was not at all concerned with my GPA but socializing & graduating.  One theoretical strike against my graduate school application.

The grading is really general when it is explained…..most people score between 200-600 & apparently the average score is 400.  blah…blah…blah

I learn better by writing things out so 2000 index cards, and entire 3 subject notebook later I can say with total sincerity, I studied.  Practice tests, feeling as though there was no way I could possible learn all of the things that I needed to know in order to answer the questions certainly caused many moments of uncertainty.

I went into the test with a goal of a score of 425 which seems to be a ‘good score’ without being completely out of reach.

Drumroll please…..this old lady was thrilled when she hit the last button & she saw ‘your raw score is 421’

If anyone needs 2000 index cards, I will happily send them to you 🙂

Step One — DONE!


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