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Mary Sunshine

Never in my life, would I use the term ‘Mary Sunshine’ to describe myself unless I was being sarcastic.

But you know what?  I actually feel a bit like Mary Sunshine.

I am at a place of peace, knowing what I want to do and although I am now completely aware that I have either forgotten or never bothered to learn things I am going to be tested on, I am only a little overwhelmed by it.

I was able to spend a few precious days with my sister & her family ~ completely grateful

I have a friend who is terrified of flying but went to Italy on vacation & posted the happiest pictures ~ amazed & proud

My daughter is just blossoming in college ~ speechless & thrilled

My son actually said after returning from a band competition that they did not win, ‘I did my best, I am proud of myself.  We did the best performance we have done all season.  I have no regrets’ ~ why yes, that is my kid 🙂

Someone I love just went through a really tough time & while the challenges aren’t over, they are committed to do everything in their power to help heal their child ~ (yeah, that’s all you get) ~ prayers haven’t stopped

A friend seems to have found a really good relationship after kissing a LOT of toads ~ go girl

Someone has been and is traveling, on a journey of discovery ~ estatic for them

Another friend is waiting on a call that may provide them with a new opportunity they have been working hard for ~ happy thoughts with them

Honestly, it is all about your focus.  Are there annoying and frustrating things happening?  Of course there are, but I have been walking around with a big goofy smile on my face because I am literally happy with myself and thrilled for so many people who touch my life.



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