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Sorry all, can’t stay for long but thought I would take a few minutes to say hi.

For a long time, I struggled with what my ‘gift’ was.  I heard someone say ‘Your talent is what you do for a living, your gift is your purpose, what you are here for’.

Finally, all the pieces of the puzzle just suddenly fit.  It turns out I always knew what I was here for, it just wasn’t time yet.  I guess sometimes you need extra time to travel to your destination.

So, I am studying for an exam that I need to take in order to apply for graduate school.  May not be on much for a while, my current focus is to learn what seems like thousands of vocabulary words which apparently were unnecessary for my life until now.

If you are the praying kind, I am all for a little extra support 🙂

If you found your passion, I hope you are reveling in it.

If you haven’t, have faith, when the time is right, you will.



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