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lessons I have learned from reality television

In no particular order & I stopped at 10 because really this could go on forever

  1. I have no desire to be on a reality tv show
  2. For most of the shows on, the chances of you coming out of the show looking good are less than you winning the lottery & being struck by lightning at the same time.
  3. Signing on for a reality show when your marriage is already a hot mess is a quick ticket to divorce court.  Although, now you get to fight over more crazy than before you showed all of the public just how dysfunctional the relationship really was.
  4. There is a huge need for therapy in this country
  5. If you leave a reality tv show, don’t go back, it is not going to end well (half the cast’s of all of the ‘Real’ housewives)
  6. There is a whole lot of crazy being taped & aired in this country, I’m not totally sure why we choose to showcase the lunacy, does it somehow make people feel better about themselves?  Please refer back to #4
  7. Without Mark Burnett, we would never know the joy that is the bromance between Adam Levine & Blake Shelton (The Voice)
  8. I would never have guessed that watching people watch tv was a fun way to spend an hour a week (The People’s Couch)
  9. Todd Chrisley is a riot, his wife, Julie is a Saint and they both run a fun & loving madhouse (Chrisley Knows Best)
  10. I love everything about – Jen, Bill, Will & Zoey (The Little Couple)


So much more to say, but perhaps I will come back with more at another time.


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