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We live in a world where you can change virtually everything about yourself.  You can surgically and non-surgically change how you look for a price.  You can inject fillers or go under the knife.  You can make tiny changes or make yourself unrecognizable if you choose.

We have a million ways to change features we don’t like about ourselves.

I try to never say never since I find it is the fastest way to become a hypocrite but, so far I have lived with the things that bother me.  Honestly, the deep fear that something would go terribly wrong is probably more the reason than being against some of these miracle fixes.

This blog is also not specifically a ‘you should be happy with who you are’ one, although of course we should.

This blog is about feet.

Our feet, those miraculous things that get us everywhere, that carry us throughout our lives is the one thing you really can’t change.  Short of the barbaric foot binding (which will now remain in my head all day…ouchhhh), the size of your feet is basically a done deal.

I have big feet.  Always have, and always will.

When I was young, I was terribly self-conscious about it.  Back in the day, there wasn’t the variety of shoe styles there are now for those of us with big feet.  The shoes were ugly & generally did not look as nice or cool as they made for those size 7 or 8 girls.

When I was younger, if I wanted a selection of shoes to choose from, my mom had to take me to Globe shoes.  Globe shoes in northern NJ was the place you had to go if you had big feet & wanted more choices than orthopedic looking shoes in a size 10. We couldn’t go all the time because they weren’t cheap shoes but, instead of being able to walk into any store & just slip a pair on, we went there.  So while other girls had cute shoes, I never experienced having a big variety of cute or cool shoes to choose from.  I always seemed to have to decide on the least horrible pair.

There also is no sexual innuendo about a woman with big feet (that I am aware of), those are saved for men.  Actually, I am ok with this since I am pretty sure that would have just added to my trauma & deep embarrassment. Suffice to say, there is no ‘good’ attached for a woman with big feet, not at all.

If you are a woman with big feet, you totally & completely understand what I am saying.  It is really only in the recent past that shoe manufacturers have realized that every woman wants to have options.  Every woman would prefer to have good choices in footwear.

Never in my life has someone looked down at my feet in awe, or envy.  There was no perception that it was a good thing if you have big feet.  Any comment made about my feet was perceived as criticism or negatively.  I was super self-conscious about them for as long as I can remember.

So one day at work, when I was probably in my early 30’s, a co-worker & I were walking down a flight of stairs & she said the dreaded words, ‘You have big feet’.

Well, I’m not sure what came over me, why that moment was my moment of clarity but for the first time in forever (ha ha let that Frozen song run through your head for the rest of the day), it didn’t hurt or bother me.

I acknowledged what is a fact with a ‘Yup’ & kept walking.

I realized in that moment, I had no control over the size of my feet.  I realized that while I have complete control over a lot of things, the size of my feet is not one of them.  So much time wasted feeling less or trying to hide them.

That interaction cemented my decision that I was no longer going to feel bad or self-conscious about something I have no control over.  It also helped me realize, that there is literally zero ‘wrong’ with the size of my feet.  There is no negative or positive unless I attach feelings to them.

The size of my feet may be bigger than yours, but they all do the same job & for that I am incredibly grateful.

The end


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