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When you are stuck

So you know how when someone shares with you what they are going through and you are able to see things that apparently they can’t?  When you want to shake them or hug them and just find a way to tell them how to fix it?

When you happen upon a television show & the person telling their story makes you want to jump through the screen & tell them what to do?

I think we can all recall a time when we wanted to say to someone –

He/She is just not that into you

It is time to move on

If you are miserable, why are you doing nothing to change it?

You are worth more than that

Why do you allow them to treat you that way?


Fix it

You deserve better


Since we are all pretty talented at playing the role of therapist, life coach or even bartender, here is a challenge for you when you find yourself feeling stuck.

Look at your own story, your feelings, your struggles as if you are the therapist, life coach or bartender.

Seriously, if someone told you ‘your’ story, what would you tell them?  If you actually ‘listened’ to your own troubles from the outside like we do when we help others, what would you really want to say?

Probably a lot of the same things you would want to tell your friend or the person on TV, or the conversation you overheard.

We all tend to be much better counselors to others than to ourselves. Ever heard the phrase ‘Physician heal thyself’?  Ever heard a story about an electrician that never fixes the lights in their own house?

Courage is facing our own feelings, our own crazy, our own thoughts.  How often have you said, ‘but this is different’ or ‘but you don’t understand’.  Well, a stranger might not understand, but if you are honest with yourself, if you really listen to the story you tell, you know deep down how to move.

How many times have you uttered the phrase ‘Life isn’t fair’.  Well, it often isn’t or it often doesn’t feel fair. In the end it isn’t about what is fair and not fair, it’s about how you choose to deal with what you face.

So, the next time you are stuck, feeling as though you are drowning in what you are dealing with, try a little experiment.  Get your inner therapist behind the bar, pour your sad self a drink & listen well.  Your inner bartender will have plenty to say and exactly what you need to hear, if you are ready to hear it.




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