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a new day

This morning I was faced with a choice, actually every morning I am blessed to wake up I face the same choice.  Do I take a moment before getting up to begin my day based in gratitude and positivity, or do I just grumble as I get out of bed & begin my routine?

I will admit, there are mornings when I don’t even think to set an intention but on the days I do, there is always a difference.  It doesn’t stop people from aggravating me or miraculously turn me into a creature immune to ‘bad things’ happening. What it does tend to do, is allow me to be more aware on those days of what I am thinking & feeling.  It makes it a little easier to try to remain positive & grateful because it is the way I started my day.  When I start getting annoyed, it is a little easier to recognize it.  It gives me the opportunity to ‘settle down’ & change course.

I have a lot to be grateful for.  It is not lost on me that I am incredibly blessed.  It doesn’t mean by any stretch of the imagination that my life is immune to negative thoughts, sadness, a smattering of self-pity or an occasional ride on the crazy train. It does mean that I am learning to focus more on the good.  I practice it like you would anything else.

If you happened to have had a bit of an emotional rollercoaster of a weekend, what a great way to transform your attitude from sad to hopeful.

If you woke up this morning with that ‘Monday’ blah feeling, take a minute & just run a few things you are grateful for through your head.  Your family, your friends, your health, your job, your life, your journey.

Monday is just a day, we attach so much negativity to poor Monday.  A new chance to learn, to grow, to be grateful.  Another opportunity to do better, to forgive yourself, to heal a little more, to make a change, to face a fear, or even to start over.

Embrace Monday as if it was Friday.  Remember Monday & Friday are both just words, how we view them, how they make us feel…..all on us 🙂


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