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Appreciation Day

I declare today to be appreciation day.  I am choosing to appreciate all of the people who have touched my life. I am surrounded by amazing people, family and friends.  Those who have been there through the good and bad, never faltering in their support (even when they thought I was insane & making bad… Continue reading Appreciation Day

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lessons I have learned from reality television

In no particular order & I stopped at 10 because really this could go on forever I have no desire to be on a reality tv show For most of the shows on, the chances of you coming out of the show looking good are less than you winning the lottery & being struck by… Continue reading lessons I have learned from reality television

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We live in a world where you can change virtually everything about yourself.  You can surgically and non-surgically change how you look for a price.  You can inject fillers or go under the knife.  You can make tiny changes or make yourself unrecognizable if you choose. We have a million ways to change features we… Continue reading feet

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When you are stuck

So you know how when someone shares with you what they are going through and you are able to see things that apparently they can’t?  When you want to shake them or hug them and just find a way to tell them how to fix it? When you happen upon a television show & the… Continue reading When you are stuck

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a new day

This morning I was faced with a choice, actually every morning I am blessed to wake up I face the same choice.  Do I take a moment before getting up to begin my day based in gratitude and positivity, or do I just grumble as I get out of bed & begin my routine? I… Continue reading a new day

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you can’t outrun….

well, technically since I don’t like running, anything (but that really isn’t the point of this post) I have been struggling a lot with whether or not to post anything specific about my emotions this weekend. Atlanta was a great distraction & I will say I am overwhelmed with gratitude that I get to be the… Continue reading you can’t outrun….

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Band mom

So, you may already be aware, this year has been my introduction to competitive marching band.  As my children were never into competitive sports, I was completely unprepared for the commitment required by both my man child & myself. As I entered this brave new world, I was introduced to a lot of parents that… Continue reading Band mom