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hodge podge

Nope, not a ‘crafty’ post

More of a post with no specific purpose, a hodge podge, if you will, of a few things that aren’t big enough to warrant their own blog.  Little things that just help magnify my personal crazy.  In fairness, I shall attempt to provide a general topic for each.

Life Hacks:

So relatively recently, there has been a lot of buzz about ‘Life Hacks’ – things you never knew (but apparently should have) that can make your life easier.  Life hacks make me feel kind of stupid.

I shall provide 2 examples

Aluminum foil / wax paper etc.

I was apparently not the only person on the planet that did not know there were little tabs on the side of these boxes which make the using of said kitchen necessities A LOT easier.  The little tabs, hold the roll in its container, hence making getting the size you need a little less annoying.  This life hack will not make getting cling wrap to stay in the square or rectangle shape you need, but at least taming the actual roll no longer needs to be an issue.

Gas tank indicator

Now this one I will admit made me pretty much feel like an idiot.  Why did I never know that your car literally tells you on your gas gauge which side the gas tank is on?  Why have I never noticed the arrow literally pointing to the side your tank? Located conveniently on your dashboard, you know the dashboard you probably don’t even realize how often you look at.

I always memorized what side the tank was on. That’s all fine & good but in a moment of insanity I traded my old car in & got a newer ride.  Of course the gas tank is now located on the opposite side.  I refuse to admit the number of times I have driven up to a gas pump only to have to get back in my car & turn around. Good lord, I have been driving for 30 years (ouch) & I just find this out a few months ago?

1st world problems

Again, I have never claimed to be a genius but for quite a long time, I had no idea what that phrase meant.  Is there a special reason we need to come up with fancy new phases when ‘crap that bothers me’ worked for so long?

Smoke detectors

Ok, I do not need a lecture.  I understand the necessity behind smoke detectors. While it has already been established that I am not a member of mensa, I try not to be a total idiot either.  My issue with smoke detectors is the damn beep.  That stupid chirp that is supposed to tell you it is time to change the battery in the one elusive detector it takes you forever to find.  You know where they all are, you know that the stupid things seems to beep at you until you want to pull your hair out, yet when you begin your search, it never seems to beep when you are in front of it.

To compound the crazy, when I do change the battery (not as easy as it sounds), a different one decides to start all over again.

Last week, I purchased a LOT of 9 volt batteries.  Boy child & I began the process of changing every single battery in every single smoke detector in the house that we could find.  I am not proud to admit, it was getting a little dangerous in this house with the number of detectors that were without batteries, lying around.

So, one would hope that this plan of attack would provide at least momentary peace in my house, but nope.  The damn chirp is still happening.  We hit the buttons, the test button, held down other buttons to no avail.  I have decided to just pretend we have a really annoying bird in the house.


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