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it’s not all sunshine & roses

So, while I try to be positive & grateful, truth be told, there are things that make me cranky.

Here is one.  I have already mentioned in another blog that while I’m not a fan of pumpkins, I do love me some fall.  The cooling tempratures and the changing colors make me happy.  I like sweaters & sweatshirts, I love when I can feel the heat of the sun on my face without feeling sweat pouring out of my body.

The cranky in this fall love-fest?


What I believe I love more than the changing season are my flip flops.  So yes, I am that person in jeans, sometimes long sleeves, sometimes sweatshirts or sweaters still sporting their flip flops.  There is no ‘no white after Labor Day’ rule that I have seen or acknowledge regarding flip flops.

The problem is when my feet or toes get really cold.

To compound this very serious issue, I don’t have any good fall shoes.  I have sneakers & I some boots that I enjoy.  My personal crazy categorizes sneaker into ‘workout’ footwear.  Yes, I know that people wear sneakers all the time, but I don’t.  I have boots that I really like but let’s be honest, to make boots really work, it takes work.  In the end, I’m all about the easy.

I have looked for ‘shoes’ but can’t find any I like. I almost went the clog shoe route but my girl child shot that down so fast, I’m pretty sure I had whiplash. I can not find any ‘easy’ casual shoes that I like or are comfortable or that my daughter will allow me to wear & it is frustrating as hell.

Hence, frozen toes & cranky me.



3 thoughts on “it’s not all sunshine & roses

    1. Unfortunately, girl child was an eye witness to the clog/mule attempt. Had you seen the look of disapproval, you would know just how unimpressed she was. I wouldn’t imagine she would care what I called them 🙂

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