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these dreams…..

I, like many people, go through stages when I don’t think about or remember my dreams.

Sometimes, bits and pieces float in & out of my thoughts.

Sometimes, I try too hard to remember.

Then there is lately.  Recently, I have woken up aware of my dreams or big chunks of them.

A week or so ago, I got a text message in my dream.  It is the first time I remember dreaming about a text message.  Yes, I did check my phone when I woke up even though I knew it wasn’t there.

Later, I realized that it was a message I wanted/needed to get.  Even though it wasn’t a real text, it would seem that I gave myself the message I wanted so badly to receive.  That the message was send via text, was a way for me to remember it.  Love that it happened that way.

Last night, I woke up with my heart racing, my dream was so real that the anxiety of what was going on literally caused my heart to race & wake me up.

I am still working through that dream, there are things that happened that I couldn’t imagine myself doing, a situation I can’t imagine putting myself into voluntarily.

* As I am re-reading this draft blog, I am forced to admit, that although the specific situation I dreamt about felt unimaginable, I have been ‘re-playing’ the literal dream. It’s rarely that simple, for me at least.  As I started ‘zooming out’ from the specifics, I am seeing it in a different way.  It is starting to make a lot more sense to me now.  I am not sure I am happy about that, but ‘happy’ is not a pre-requisite for a lesson or message you need to deal with.

One more interesting (well to me anyway) thing I realized, I almost never dream of being inside of houses I know.  When I remember the dream, the house, the layout, the location is usually never one I can identify.  These dreams intrigue me because I know the people in my dream but the house, location I don’t.  Not sure what kind of message an unfamiliar house with familiar people means.  I might let this one go for a while, but noteworthy for me since it has happened a number of times.

Oh subconscious, you wonderous, maddening thing.

I know I am in a place of transition but what in the world is churning around in there?  I hope that I can process & deal with my sub-crazy soon.  I would like to return to a good nights sleep.

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