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which mother…..

Which mother actually purchased an additional calendar this year to keep track of all of the crazy this band life & college child has created?

Which mother printed out the schedules, updates, emails & has been trying to keep everything a little bit organized, making sure she is updating any changes and additions?

Which mother stood in her kitchen last night after picking up boy/man child from practice with a look of suprise & confusion when she was informed, (from the same child that can never remember to provide papers when he is supposed to or hand in homework more often than not) ‘I don’t have school on Friday’?

Which mother apparently forgot the basics of the actual district calendar which clearly shows those random teacher work day  ‘suprise no school’ days scattered throughout the year & never put them into the calendar when she was putting in the holiday days off?

Yeah, that would be me


Here is a little something to make you smile & hopefully put a little gratitude into your day.


You’re welcome ♥

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