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this or that

So, if you have read any of my blog posts lately, you may have noticed, I’m not really a fan of Halloween.  Just not my thing.

What I am also not sure of (among many things) is this new life as a competitive high school marching band mom.  I was woefully unprepared for this new life that I am suddenly a part of.

This past weekend, I spent a lot of time on Friday driving.  I went to go get my girl for the weekend along with 2 of her friends, who were all very excited to be home for the high school play since all 3 of them were a part of the drama department during their high school years.  It wound up being a wonderful distraction from the otherwise sad anniversary of losing my mother.

Then Saturday arrived.  My boy had to be at school around 7am.  My girl & I got to spend some time together before she left around 5:30 to see the play again & hang out with everyone before the performance.

A rocking Saturday night for me, at home with 2 movies & the animals.  Yes, it is a glamorous life 🙂

I knew that the boy’s bus wasn’t even scheduled to return until around 2am.  The girl didn’t get home until about 1:30am.  This was my first ‘early morning’ pick up so I was afraid if I fell asleep that I would miss his text or call so no sleep for me.  Visions of my child sitting alone in the dark, cold early morning hours were difficult to get out of my head.

Around 2:30 am, my girl child (who decided to stay up with her mom while I waited) said the fateful words, ‘What if his phone died’.  So off I went to the school.  No buses yet in sight.

We got back to the house, boy safely retrieved after 3:30am & when I looked at the clock by my bed, it was 3:56am.

At 8:00 am when the dog started whining loudly, I am not proud to admit, all I could think about was, well never mind I don’t need PETA on my case.

I am not sure I was great at recovering from this type of night 20+ years ago.  What I am sure of is that on Sunday, I was a trainwreck.  4 hours of sleep is just frankly not enough sleep for an old lady.

Back to the original point of this post.  So I do not have to deal with costumes this year or figuring out if boy/man child is going to go out, with who, for how long etc.

I have no excuse to purchase candy all month long (I buy the candy I like at the the beginning of the month.  10 pounds & 2 or 3 weeks later I buy candy I am not tempted by to give to the kids).

There is a competition in Atlanta & the kids are leaving on Friday the 31st.  Guess who is voluntarily going to be a ‘band mom fan-girl’ that weekend?  Yup, me.

Technically they don’t perform until Saturday late morning but, I am going to drive there on Friday.  Booked the hotel for 2 night, staying at least 1 of the nights alone (boy still figuring out if he can be ‘released’ to me after the competition) & know that I will be spending many hours at the Georgia Dome.

In fairness, I love my boy & the band is good.  He enjoys band & I am really proud of him and all of the kids who really dedicate untold hours working hard to get their performance to the level they want to be at.  I do like watching them perform & be proud of themselves when they are done.

For me personally though, I think it is similar to an acquired taste, like getting used to eating Kale.  It was not an immediate love at first sight kind of thing.

I am just not sure I have been in the band environment long enough yet to be exicted to watch band after band perform all day long without wanting to drink or jump from the bleachers.

So my 2 options for my least favorite holiday may not appear to be the best choices for me personally.  Then again, life is often a decision between this or that.

Needless to say, the love for my boy & my dislike of the holiday actually made Atlanta look like a great choice.

Sorry little people, head to the next house.  This witch isn’t playing Halloween this year.

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