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don’t be fooled

Legacies are not reserved only for the famous or infamous

Legacies are not solely financial gifts left by the obscenely wealthy

Every single person has & leaves a legacy

With every single breath you take in your life, with every thought, decision & interaction you have, you are leaving an imprint in this world.

Sometimes you are the lesson & that’s ok

Sometimes you are the inspiration

Sound silly or strange?

Do yourself a favor & think for a minute

That day when everything in your life was upside down & a total stranger smiled at you or held the door for you, or let you go first.  That moment when that little tiny ripple helped you.

That day when out of the blue, someone just checked in on you to say hi

These days it may be your status update, the picture or video you shared, your tweet, pin or your blog.  The email you replied to or didn’t reply to.

It’s often not about those life altering conversations or situations you experience although those certainly count.

I would venture to guess that more than 95% of our legacy are actions, reactions & choices we make, that we are completely unaware of that caused a ripple for someone else.

Even on those days when someone realizes they don’t want to be you or be like you. On those days when your cranky meter is off the charts, when you are mean, angry, sad, frustrated or just plain bitter, that might be the moment that another person changes who they are.

Most of us aren’t solving world peace, curing cancer or emergency trauma surgeons.  That does not mean we aren’t important.  You may have been kind to someone at the exact moment they needed it.  They may become the person who will do one of those things.

We have enormous power that we often fail to recognize.

So, don’t feel as though you don’t matter, or you will never leave a legacy.

You do matter & you are leaving your own personal legacy.  You create ripples in the lives of others.  You make a difference, you are here for a reason.

Your struggles

Your smiles

Your laughter

Your humor

Your words as well as your silence

Your empathy

Your vulnerability

Your honesty

Your tears

Your heartbreak & your happiness

Your bravery as well as your fear & hesitation

Thank you

For Good – Wicked the musical

 ‘Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better, but because I knew you….I have been changed for good’



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