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we all fall prey….

So geographically speaking, I find myself under a Tornado Watch.

I was outside & stood in a location where I could feel the sun on my face, listening to the birds talk to each other while watching pretty white clouds move against a light blue sky.  The calm before the storm.

With all of that beauty & serenity, my mind was its own tornado.

One of the first thoughts I recognized, was feeling that I was missing a man to help me deal with this potential act of nature…..

Wait, what?

Why yes, my uncensored thoughts went directly to the ‘man = protector’

There are a few facts already entered into evidence that should be shared:

  • I am divorced
  • I am not in a relationship
  • I am it

This is not news to me,  nor are any of these facts brand new.  For some inexplicable reason, when faced with the unknown potential of danger, my first thought was that I needed a man to help protect us.

Now, as a woman, it is possible I am not privy to some super-secret man stuff.  Perhaps at some point when the male gender enters adulthood, there is a secret book they receive explaining how to handle emergencies.

I tend to think that is not the case, since I didn’t get one when I became an ‘adult’ nor did one appear when I became a ‘parent’ but who knows, I guess it’s possible.

Why was that my first thought?  I can google as quickly as anyone else.  There are a plethora of sites that will explain to me in detail what precautions I can & should take if this damn tornado does come close.  I function as an adult & parent pretty much full-time (my children may have other opinions but they don’t get a vote right now).

If my thoughts were, I wish there was someone to share my concern with, that would have been ok.  I am all about the right person at the right time, but the thought was that I need someone to protect me instead of I should really make sure I know what to do.

Collaboration & sharing is a good thing, looking for someone to save me, is not where my interests lie.  (Well, unless it is emergency response & I really need help, then help away).

These are the moments that help me see just how many perceptions, stereotypes & crocks of nonsense lay under the surface of even my own mind.

As if I didn’t have enough to think about & work through…..guess I need to add this to the list.


2 thoughts on “we all fall prey….

  1. Even though I am not single I can relate to this post for many reasons but particularly because I have got ‘used to’ having these males (hubby and sons)around to help with the ‘heavy’ or potentially dangerous stuff. Has this made me lazier? more dependent? and less sure of myself in certain situations? yes. And that’s not good. I love the fact that you are practising mindfulness and examining your beliefs (subconscious mind). Great post 🙂

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