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Happy Birthday man-child

You may have guessed from the title of this post, it is a special day in my house.

15 years ago, I was not expecting to become a mother for the second time.  I wasn’t due until November 16th & as you can tell, today is only October 11th.

That day, after being on bedrest since week 27, I ended up at my doctor’s office.  We were all joking around talking about how with my feelings for Halloween, this baby was bound to make an appearance on the 31st just because.  My doctor said, perhaps he would be kind to me & wait until November 1st (All Saint’s Day).

The atmosphere of the room changed & an uncomfortable silence flowed through the room.  My doctor looked up at me & let me know I was already 5 centimeters dialiated.

Needless to say, Halloween & my feelings towards said holiday were no longer a concern.  Off to the hospital we went.

35 weeks is a preemie, no question about that.

So there was a team in the room that night, neo-natal staff waiting the impending birth of my boy.

Looking back, I can remember what it was like to have a preemie.  The quick glance we stole of our boy before the highly trained medical staff whisked him away.  Days and days of IV’s, medicine, & sun lamps.

10 days of him in the NICU and then the intermediate nursery before being released.

It was scary & heartbreaking.  Being released from the hospital without your baby is truly one of the worst feelings you can have.  It was driving back to the hospital everyday watching your baby in an incubator.

Thankfully, except for an early entrance into the world, he did not have any long term complications that we weren’t able to outgrow.  I know that we were incredibly lucky, there were many babies in that NICU that had a much longer, harder road to travel than we did.

Fast forward to a tall, handsome teenager who is funny, sensitive, thoughtful & a totally normal boy.  Not sure that is always a good thing but I’ll take it all with a grateful heart & enormous gratitude.

So happy happy birthday my boy, I love you endlessly, unconditionally without hesitation


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