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is it me?

The other theme song of my life lately……


Especially at work, not sure if it the seasonal changes or if everyone has just gone a little crazy but goodness, I feel like I should be sending this as my reply to half of the emails & questions I have received lately.


Now I shall attempt to have some non-political observations on the political circus that is the mid-term election cycle, specifically political ads.

I live near a city that (lucky me) has a heated mid-term senatorial race going on.  Although I don’t particularly care since I can’t even vote for either (yes I am registered, the city is in another state).

I noticed that at the end of the overwhelming number of commercials, most of them are not ads that were created by the candidates.  There is some strange committee or group that sponsored the spot.

So, I googled it & here is what I found –

There are approximately 26 different ad buyers for this race.

There are 3 candidates, 1 gets virtually -0- publicity (I thought there were only 2 people running).

The ad creator/strangely named committee, don’t have to provide their backers or really anything specific about them.

The information you can surmise on your own is based on who they are attacking, therefore making it safe to assume they land squarely on the other side of the political spectrum, or their cause is not supported by the person being attacked.

We wonder why people are frustrated & confused?

We wonder why people think everyone is lying & we can’t trust politicians?

We wonder why people don’t want to be involved anymore?

Unless a specific candidate is creating their own ad, there is NOTHING but negative things being said, mudslinging at its best or worst.  Even ads created by the actual candidates are generally attack ads of their opponent.

These unknown committee’s that seem to have just appeared out of no where, has become the same as people leaving anonymous comments on the internet.

How in the world can you make a really informed decision when you are bombarded by conflicting ‘facts’ about each candidate?

Who cares enough to try to really research where the actual truth lies?

It’s sad & it’s ugly – it says nothing positive about our society.


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