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When things don’t go according to plan

I am thinking that this might actually be my theme song….

In the past few weeks, one of my crazy canine’s has been whining somewhere in the 5am hour most mornings.  It’s not really enjoyable & certainly disrupts any sleep pattern one was attempting to have.

Said canine is 11 years old.  He is not only diabetic but he is also allergic to insulin (of course he is).  One of syptoms is that he is always thirsty.  I believe that is the reason he feels the need to send a high pitched whine out into the silence.

Anyway, unless you have been hiding under a rock, you are probably at least a little aware there was a ‘visible lunar eclipse’ otherwise knows as a ‘blood moon’ that would be visible this morning.  Residing in the eastern time zone of the US, I decided that I would get up on purpose & take a look.

It was actually really cool to watch.  Unfortunately, neither Pentax or Apple have settings on their camera’s for people who are not professionals to capture what one can see with their eyes.

So, I watched & enjoyed it but sadly, was unable to capture any cool pictures of what I witnessed.

Well until a little later.

While I can not provide you with a view of the blood moon, I can provide you with a few pictures of the sun rising & the moon setting.

Opposite sides of the sky at the same time.


008 010 011

Good morning sunrise


012 013 014

Good night moon

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