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I have a confession to make…….

While I love fall

I would appear to be one of the few humans who are willing to admit that I am not a fan of this pumpkin craze that has overtaken our society in the last few years.

I also don’t care at all about Halloween, but I imagine that could be its own blog post so I shall attempt to remain focused.

I am not sure when pumpkins became as important as air for people in autumn (as my 5 year old niece reminded me, it is the ‘fancy’ work for fall).

I suspect that Starbucks may have had something to do with it.

Back in the day, pumpkins were used primarily as ornaments, carved & displayed in people’s yards.  Digging out the pumpkin guts, drawing a face on the outside & someone trying not to lose a finger cutting through the pumpkin to uncover their masterpiece.

I remember baking pumpkin seeds & although I have never partaken, some do enjoy a slice of pumpkin pie on occasion.

I will not add some of the more disturbing uses for pumpkin ‘scents’ but yeah, even some feminine hygiene brands have apparently tried to jump on the pumpkin bandwagon.  While rarely at a loss for words, this is just, well nevermind.

I am still fuzzy on when it became, not only an obsession to drink, but has also overtaken the normal things we love most about the season, cooler weather, changing colors & wearing sweaters.




So there it is.  Give me fall but you can keep your pumpkin.



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