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ever push the wrong button?

So last night I was working on my blog post for today. As the queen of editing my posts I hit save often.

I remember thinking, ‘just don’t hit publish’ literally a few minutes before the inevitable moment I did exactly that.  After a moment of disbelief, I just went with it. Hence the 2 posts in 1 day yesterday.

Since I used all of my brainpower last night & not enough of them have regenerated this morning I decided to offer you some entertainment.

I am not a fan of Halloween, just never have been. What I am a fan of is funny so here is something to make you laugh today:

It is from last year but Andy & Amy are priceless (love Ellen)


I discovered a documentary that I have now watched a few times on Netflix that I just really like a lot

Broadway Idiot


It is all about creating a musical out of Green Day’s American Idiot album. If you like music, broadway, great singing, Green Day – watch it.

I can’t offer a cup of coffee or tea to help you begin your day but I can offer music & laughter.  So there it is, hope you enjoy

One thought on “ever push the wrong button?

  1. I annot tell you how many times I have done that. So bow, I set posts I’m working on to publish in a year. Then if I accidentally hit publish before I’m ready, it only schedules the post.

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