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Something to consider…..

What is more important than

– having someone tell you how proud of you they are?
– having someone support & encourage you?
– having someone be your cheerleader?
– having someone show you grace?
– having someone forgive you?

What is much more important than those wonderful things…

– learning how to be proud of yourself
– learning how to encourage yourself
– being your own cheerleader
– give yourself some grace
– forgiving yourself

You must learn to give yourself what you probably freely give to others. We tend to be nicer, kinder, more gentle with friends & loved ones than we are with ourselves.  We offer encouragement, we tend to forgive quicker, we cheerlead, support & help people we love.  We offer solace, acceptance & grace.

Think of 3 people right this minute that you would do anything for.

Easy for most people.  Now, what was the last thing you said to yourself?  Was it kind or mean?  For a lot of people, it was probably what was wrong, not what is amazing about you.  What wasn’t good enough when you looked in the mirror? Bad hair day?  Clothes didn’t look right?  Wrinkles where they never were before?  What negative thoughts run through your head over & over?  Do you even realize it’s there or are you so used to it that you don’t even notice it anymore?

If you talked to other people the way you talk to yourself, how many people do you think would stick around?

Do you think people would choose to stay in your presence if you spoke to them the way you spoke to yourself?

Would you choose to hang out with people who never gave you a break, who focused on the negative, who treated you worse than they treat everyone else?

All of the things you love/need to get from someone else, you should be giving to yourself.  If you don’t learn to like (even love) & accept who you are, how ever can you expect others to?  Even if others do, do you feel you deserve them?

Pretend if you need to you are at a job interview.  What are your strengths?  What do you actually like about yourself?  What do you do well?

Break those tapes…..repeat positive messages to yourself over & over until they don’t sound stupid & weird.  Like everything else, it takes time.  In this instance, ‘fake it till you make it’.

You are enough, you are smart & funny.  You are worthy.  You have talents & gifts that were given to you alone.  They makes you uniquely you & that is exactly what we need in this world.  🙂

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