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Anyone with a lot of extra time on their hands can look through my published blogs and notice a trend.  I post for a while and then I stop.  When I decide it is time to come back to blogging, something inside me changes.  I tend to observe better, I think of how what I am going through might be interesting to someone else.  I think about how I can make my mundane interesting to others.

I write a lot.  I tend to journal or blog.  I rarely do both at the same time.  I will create draft’s & let them sit sometimes.  Patterns often emerge depending on where my head & heart are at that moment.

When I stop blogging, it is often due to my realization that I need to take stock & journal privately.  Journaling for me is when I need to work through something not fit for public consumption.  I can not stress enough how important I believe journaling is.  I also can not stress enough how brave journaling is.

When I publish, generally (not always) I feel stronger.  I feel as though I having something to share.  I believe I am in a place where I have worked something out or at least in a place where I have identified what I am trying to work on.

The midset is completely different.  I am not afraid to share my struggles or my crazy.  I actually find I feel more accountable when I ‘say it out loud’.

When I journal more than blog, I am struggling with something & know I need to stop being stuck in my own head.  I retreat to the safety of a joural where there is no cesoring of my thoughts or feelings.  I go to where I am unconcerned with what people think or how will my thoughts be received.

Journaling is an amazing tool.  There are so many ways you can journal as well.  There are gratitude journals (do it).  There is general journaling which can help people stay on focus, a ‘sanity check’ or just be used as a way to write.

The hardest journaling to do is for when you are scared or even terrified but willing to do the work.

If you are willing to follow the simple rules, there is a big payoff.

Journaling is for you alone.  If you commit to not writing for other people and just put down all of the raw feelings and emotions, it will show you where you are and allow you to determine what you need to do .  Once you get over the ‘I can’t write that’ or ‘what if someone read this’ and get real, it is freeing and liberating.

  • You have to get over ‘what would people think’ when you journal.  If you think that, you are not journaling.
  • If you go back & find yourself editing what you wrote, you are not journaling.
  • If you go back & reread what you wrote & know deep down you didn’t write what you were really feeling, you are not journaling.
  • If you are afraid to think how unfair something is so you don’t write it down, you are not journaling
  • If you don’t want to look, sad, angry, victimized or other emotions that we think of as unacceptable, you are not journaling

It is not only acceptable but raw and honest when you can admit to emotions and feelings without judging them.  Having ‘bad’ feelings makes you human NOT a bad person.  If you don’t find a way to acknowledge your feelings, you don’t allow yourself to ever work through them.

  • You can feel victimized without being a victim
  • You can be mad, sad, angry without being a negative person
  • It takes a lot of courage to call yourself out on your own emotions, if you are brave enough to do it, the pay off is huge

Journaling is about admitting and feeling all of our emotions, especially the ones we are ‘ashamed’ of having.  You can’t work through them until you ackowledge them.

  • If your thoughts and feelings include truth no matter how ‘ugly’ it seems – you ARE journaling
  • You can only resolve your feelings once you have admitted them.  This gives you the opportunity to see where you are & slowly, in baby steps work on figuring out how to change them.



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