So while I have many, here is one that is timely..

When I stay in hotels, every morning looking my best (insert sarcasm here) I go down for coffee and then I walk around the parking lot.  Why you might ask….I look at license plates.  I love finding the plates that seemingly don’t belong.  I love seeing plates from unexpected places.  So this morning, I was not suprised to see SC, NC & GA since I was in Charleston.  I was happy to see others mixed in though, Virginia, Ohio, New York (not so sure about the new orange color, much prefer the original white), Illinois, Florida, Ketucky & Tennessee (which we shall mention again later).

Then I like observing the interesting, the 2 Prius hybrids parked 1 spot away from the Hummer.  The way people with new Mercedes Benz cars back into spots and tend to park away from the rest of the riff raff.

This parking lot had a lot of parking but apparently not the right parking for one car.

photo (13) photo (14)

The Mercedes Benz from Tennessee with vanity Realtor plates (who knew) decided that they should be able to create their own parking spot.  Now I am sure there is a possibility that there was a valid reason why they parked there.  I can’t imagine that there were no spots available (see above for my ‘big parking lot’ description) but I wasn’t there so I can’t say for sure (yes, I can but I won’t).

Instead of taking this post in a different direction, I shall stay on topic & divulge another one.  I realized as I was driving home, parking lot license plate quirk is not my only license plate quirk.  I’m not sure if this is my personal crazy or if others share it but when I am driving & see a license plate from a state that I know someone in, I wonder if it is them & I peek.

Now just to make sure this falls more toward my personal crazy then ‘everyone does that’ (I am warming to the idea of being special..ha ha), it doesn’t matter if I know what they drive, any car from the state that they live in falls prey.  Sweet lord don’t even get me started if I know what they drive (or used to drive, or a car they ever drove) and that car is on the road with their state’s license plate.

So far, my record is 0 for every single solitary car.  By the way, I do know more than a few people from a lot of different states but apparently we don’t travel the same roads at the same time.

Finally, I appear to abide by rules.  Traveling within my own state, I could care less about anyone with the same state plate that I have.  I believe that precludes me from bringing up my average success rate since they are the larger population & eventually I would probably see someone that at least looks vaguely familiar.  When I am local, sure but that doesn’t count. As soon as I consider myself ‘traveling’ the license plate rules above are strictly enforced.

Today’s PSA (exposing my crazy so you feel better about your own) was meant to make you smile, (well except for the Realtor from Tennessee) I hope it did.


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