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What we know is that we are always making transitions in our lives, sometimes they happen almost unnoticed while other times they basically hit you over the head.

My whole life in the last few years has been a huge transition with little ones sprinkled in.  Virtually everything in my life has changed.  So many lessons learned, so many others in process.

The transition currently front & center is the high school graduation of my first born.  I swing back & forth like a pendulum –

One side – pride, excitement, love for this amazing creature who is going to venture out into the world & begin the foundation of her adult life

The other – sadness, grief, fear, loss of what was.  While she will always be my little girl, the relationship we had is going to evolve & change rather dramatically in a day to day way.  From the hands on, everyday mothering to the mother of a child who has left the nest (except when she needs money or wants to come home etc.).

The relationship with my boy child will change as well.  We will transition into a 2 person house which is yet another new thing for us.

I pray I have the courage to feel it all.  To cherish the time we have as this chapter is ending and a new one begins.

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