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Well Hello again…

I needed a break so I took one but learned something that is helping me so I thought I would share it, perhaps it might help someone else as well.

We have all of these wonderful inspirational quotes about moving on, moving forward, not looking back but ahead.  When you are not in that place those quotes are so much easier to embrace than when you feel stuck, when you feel as though you are in fact moving forward but can’t stop yourself from turning your head no matter how hard you try not to.

We are imperfect so no matter how much we ‘know’ the past is the past, looking back is not where you should be spending time & that when things end, they end for a reason, we still find ourselves turning our heads back from time to time.

A very smart woman helped me out a week or so ago.  She didn’t tell me something ‘new’ but she said it in a way that connected with me.  Sometimes it is exactly what you need.

‘That chapter is closed’ (well obviously because it is).  The friendship, the relationship, that time of your life no longer exists the way it was.  The part that helped me though, especially when I struggle….. ‘It doesn’t mean the character in your story may not reappear at some time, but the ‘it’ you are grieving is done.’

There is no way to know if that character is meant to return to your story, their ‘job’ may have been completed in that chapter or perhaps they are meant to return to your story.  That is not your job to worry about.

You job is to live ‘your’ life, to take those baby steps forward.  If you work hard to move forward, your purpose, the people you are meant to share the new chapters with will appear.  Whether they are reoccurring characters in your story or brand new ones, you need to believe & have faith that in the end, what is meant to be for you, will happen if you just work on those baby steps.

Stories unfold ‘in front’ of us, it is our individual stories.  If we get out of the way & have faith, we can spend out time trusting that what is meant to be will be, at the right time for us.

If you find yourself in the same struggle or know someone who is struggling, maybe just maybe this can help.



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