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sneak peek

So Friday & Saturday were a dry run of what my future is going to look like.

Girl child went off to her college of choice & I was home with boy child.  Since girl child is set to graduate & will be living on campus, we got a glimpse of what a house of 2 is going to be like.

It was strange not having girl child around, especially Friday morning as the school routine was different & only having one school to pick up from.

I am happy to say, boy child & I did well on our own.  We actually spent more time together than we would usually as he tends to hide upstairs.  It was a good peek into what is going to be our ‘new normal’ next school year.

I also was able to see one of my friends today & honestly I can not stress enough (really to myself since I tend to forget) spending time with people who are special to you, who understand you, who accept & support you is often forgotten or neglected when we are so busy with the day in & day out of life.  It is so easy to let people & relationships slip because we have so many other things going on.  What you get from it is so important though, it recharges you batteries, you feel better, you smile more, laugh a little or a lot.

So, call a friend today & make the time to get out of your ‘day’ & just be for a little while, bask in what a good friendship can do to help lift your mood & spirit!


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