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yeah, that….

So you know when you are struggling to figure out if you are still dealing with the loss of your last relationship or just flat afraid to ‘get out there’ and start again?

Your gut whispers to you…..’both’

When you know that although you are really doing better, you are focusing on the good, working on yourself, trying to enjoy the moments with the people who you care about & care about you.  When you know that you really have made progress but that you still haven’t erased the vision of what you wanted & hoped for from your heart.


When you know that ‘a date’ doesn’t have to mean anything significant other than opening yourself up to meet a new person, when you know that not putting yourself out there is walking a tightrope of staying stuck.  When you are really trying to figure out how much is you knowing you need more time & how much is fear of actually meeting someone who might not be the lesson but the future…..


Yeah, that.

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