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What’s your favorite pattern?

Nope, not that kind of pattern.  No swatches to vote on in this post.

Our personal patterns.  We know that there are always lessons to learn in this life.

Some lessons are easy to learn, others need to come back to us over & over until we finally ‘see’ them.

Variations occur but in the end, until you identify your pattern & are willing to dig in to do the work to fix or address them, they return.

So I have come to recognize a big pattern in my life and sitting with it is both scary and a little bit exciting.

I wasn’t at all surprised by the fear, I have that emotion down a little too well, it was the ‘little bit exciting’ that caught me by surprise.

I will share what I discovered but not today.

Identifying a pattern is a huge step but there are more, oh so many more.

Once you have the courage to identify your pattern of behavior that isn’t serving you, you really need to look at how you perpetuate the pattern.  What do you do that keeps the pattern alive?  Is the whole pattern a problem or is it really some specific behaviors or habits you have, that need to be looked at?

Then your ‘action plan’ even my ‘baby steps’.  Now that you know what you do, how are you going to work toward changing it?  What fears do you need to walk through in order to find a different way of behaving?

Lot’s of question still to be answered but again, I am celebrating movement & I feel confident that at this moment, I am moving 🙂

Stay tuned, I will share this journey as it unfolds


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