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The people who hurt me the most…..

So I was watching Super Soul Sunday with Shirley MacLaine. Oprah asked her (paraphrasing potentially)….. …Who were your greatest spiritual teachers………. Answer:  The people who hurt me the most Yes, please take a moment & absorb that, I needed to. After instant replaying the reply in my head, I realized that she had something there.… Continue reading The people who hurt me the most…..

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yeah, that….

So you know when you are struggling to figure out if you are still dealing with the loss of your last relationship or just flat afraid to ‘get out there’ and start again? Your gut whispers to you…..’both’ When you know that although you are really doing better, you are focusing on the good, working… Continue reading yeah, that….

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Change of Pace – Tuesday

I think we need a little change of pace here today…. I don’t know about you but I am overwhelmed by the sheer number of Big Pharma commercials that seem to be everywhere today. In addition to the new words that are now a part of our vocabulary, ‘Low T’, ‘V wash’ and so many… Continue reading Change of Pace – Tuesday

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Monday Monday

So you know every once in a while when you realize you just looked at the clock to see the time, to know when your daily morning phone call was coming?  Then you pause because you don’t get a morning phone call anymore?  Yeah, that. Then you sit with it for a bit because you… Continue reading Monday Monday

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So I mentioned in my post ‘happy’ music is a part of me.  So much a part of me, I haven’t been listening to it because it impacts me emotionally. Took my daughter shopping…. On the way there we started with… ‘Happy’ then……..Clarity…… ‘If our love is tragedy, why are you my remedy…If our love’s… Continue reading Music