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I am highly suspect of those who claim not to have ‘baggage’
As imperfect creatures, it is impossible.

I strongly believe the amount of baggage you carry, depends on how much ‘work’ you are willing to do, but I don’t believe that you can be without it.

Those who claim to have no baggage usually reside in the land of Delusionville. The closes neighbors to said land are those who reside in Victimville. They are easily identifiable by the line of luggage racks lagging behind them.

Everyone is carrying something, a purse, backpack, briefcase or carry-on. We tend to lose sight of the fact that we all have some. It is life experience, our quirks, the work we have done as well as the work we have left to do.  It is our personal crazy, the very things that make us the glorious, unique, amazing people we are.

The key is not to increase your baggage, instead, find a size that comfortably fits your stuff. If you think the size or quantity of luggage you carry is too much to carry around, do the work & get rid of some of it.

Please don’t try to go without any, that is the quest of perfection & that my friend’s is a place we are not meant to get to.

Stop trashing baggage, just work to fit into a smaller size, pick a fabric or color you like & know its ok.

Remember it’s a journey, you can’t go without supplies. 

4 thoughts on “Baggage

  1. I have to agree with you. We all have our issues; our ‘personal crazy’ (love that! 🙂 )whether we admit it or not and a little baggage is a good thing like you say, it colors our opinions, shapes our beliefs but it can also distort our view of the world – if we choose to let it.

      1. was this ‘person’ a human being? definitely delusional like you say. I’m not sure if its a Japanese saying but I read somewhere that we are beautiful in all our broken places – or our flaws are what make us attractive…something like that. Perfect = boring I say! 🙂

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