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My girl

She is everything
She is amazing
Sassy & witty
Sensitive & emotional
Full of confidence
Full of fear masked in indifference
On the cusp of going out on her own
Excited for the future yet hesitant to leave the familiar
Smart, so much smarter than she is even aware of
The softest heart hidden behind pretend indifference
Sharp wit and so very funny
She is clothes strewn all over her floor
She is liquid eyeliner
She is music & laughter
She is both mature & childlike
Always running behind, rushing for no one
Consistent in her unwillingness to start the day
She wants to do everything but not sure where to start
She wants to stop injustice, to fight to protect the unprotected
Splatters of her parents woven into an amazing tapestry all her own
Everything is ahead of her
Still unaware of her magnificence & potential
My daughter, her own glorious person

(I found myself thinking so much about my daughter lately. I am a mother facing the reality of their girl/woman ending her โ€˜at home childhoodโ€™ with her high school graduation this year. It is bittersweet, the joy of watching her as begins the process of starting her life more independently & the sadness as a chapter ends.)

6 thoughts on “My girl

    1. Thanks…often I just get caught up in the ‘grind’ but this weekend getting up so early & driving to watch her compete, I was honestly just struck by who she is & who she is becoming. It really is amazing to have her ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. What a lovely poem about your daughter. I have three daughters, all of whom have left the nest, two of whom now live overseas. I am intimately acquainted with the bittersweet emotions that come with watching your beautiful child grow wings and prepare to fly. It is still so hard for me the days after they have all been home to visit; the house is always too quiet, the readjustment to their leaving only tempered by the thought that they always return. Being a mother definitely has it share of joys and sorrows but the joy makes it all worthwhile. ๐Ÿ™‚

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