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Note to self

As the weather turns nicer & you bask in the ability to put your capri yoga pants back on please take note of the following:

You haven’t worked out since November

Random squats, an occasional plank, 50 high knees & some plié squats does not a work out make. Especially when they are not done at the same time

When you put a regular bra on instead of a sports bra, you are officially putting on your outfit of the day you have no intention of actually working out

When you are too lazy to look for socks so you throw flip flops on, you are a poser

When you have done your best impersonation of a bear in hibernation, you should not be surprised at what you look like in said t-shirt & capri yoga pants

When you pat yourself on the back for getting some cardio because you forgot to provide your daughter lunch for her competition, therefore forcing you to walk around to find a location to provide her sustenance, that doesn’t really count

Pull yourself together girl!
End pep talk….

4 thoughts on “Note to self

  1. Had to laugh at the ‘random squats, occasional plank…’ that is so me at the moment:-) I try to get ‘squats’ in at the kitchen sink that’s how lazy I’ve become.

  2. I am so happy that I found your blog! I am a newbie to the blogging world and have been hoping to find a blog written by someone closer to my age and experience. This post made me laugh; I am always telling myself that I need to join a gym, start lifting weights, put out exercise clothes the night before but never quite motivate myself enough to do it!: )
    My heart’s in the right place, though! I really love your voice in this piece.

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